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Best Dystopian Novels: A Journey Beyond the Realms of Imagination

Greetings! I am Vito Pesce. I am a storyteller and I invite you to step into the realms of my best dystopian novels. These stories are born from the threads of imagination and historical intrigue. You can say that I have pretty much lived most of my life in Illinois, with stints in New Mexico and Texas. But the landscapes of New Mexico have particularly left a deep mark on the creativity of my soul.

My journey began with the rolling of dice and the crafting of characters in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. I first discovered my passion for storytelling at the age of 15. The questions that haunted my dreams, “What if our world was on the brink of an extraterrestrial invasion?” or “What if an ancient civilization rose in our midst today?” laid the groundwork for the stories that I create today.

Wrath of the Ancient Queen: A Collision of Eras in a Post Apocalyptic Book

Take a dive into the world of “Wrath of the Ancient Queen.” In this story, the ordinary world meets the old-fashioned ways of the past. And our usual, technology-filled life is taken away. Picture yourself in a situation where you do not have the modern things we are used to, and you are up against a powerful queen from ancient times who is determined to take back her power. This story shows what it feels like to try to survive when a society is not ready for such a big challenge.

Writing this post apocalyptic book was like navigating through a complex puzzle. I aimed to blend a medieval army into a modern setting in a way that made traditional weapons and current social developments seem ineffective. In this mix, I introduced magical elements, making the unbelievable seem real and adding a touch of mystery to the story.

About Post Apocalyptic Stories Author


Vito Pesce, a native of Illinois and the son of Italian immigrants, has spent the majority of his life in his home state, with brief periods in New Mexico and Texas. Married for over three decades to an incredible woman, his imaginative journey began as a passionate Dungeons & Dragons gamer at the age of 15. This fervor for adventure and creativity blossomed in the enchanting landscapes of New Mexico, where the seeds of his storytelling were sown. 

The genesis of his narrative emerged from the intriguing questions that danced in his mind. What if our world faced an invasion by extraterrestrial beings? What if an ancient civilization suddenly resurfaced in our time? These musings culminated in a tale that envisions medieval life colliding with the contemporary world—a scenario bereft of technology and modern comforts. The tale unfolds the challenges of survival when faced with the wrath of an ancient queen seeking to reclaim her dominion. 

about the Book

Wrath of the Ancient Queen

In a world once ruled by the Ancient Queen, a treacherous alliance from the east imprisoned her and her mighty army in the wormwood abyss. Now, she’s back with a vengeance, and modern civilization is unprepared for her wrath. Are you ready to face the dark forces that threaten our world?

There’s no escaping this nightmare. Without warning, chaos and carnage reign, and people suddenly find themselves in the darkest of times, succumbing to primal savagery.

Experience a thrilling dark fantasy novel filled with action, horror, and suspense. As society crumbles under the onslaught of this ancient fury, nothing can stand in her way, and a civilization’s darkest hour has dawned.

Discover this epic tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. If you’re a fan of dark fantasy and crave ancient mysteries in apocalyptic settings, “Wrath of the Ancient Queen” is a must-read.


Inspirations and Influences: A Tribute to Literary Greats

My narrative style is a mosaic of my inspirations. The unpredictability that George R.R. Martin masterfully wields connects within my pages, where the fate of beloved characters hangs by a slender thread. I stand on the shoulders of giants like Feist, Jordan, Salvatore, Martin, and Eddings. They help draw from a well of diverse influences to create such stories that echo the depth and complexity of their worlds.

Upcoming Adventures

Demon Eyes: A Tale of Magical Odyssey

Let me tell you about “Demon Eyes.” It is an upcoming journey where two friends begin a quest that is peppered with magic and mystery. It is a storyline that promises to captivate, challenge, and transport you to worlds unseen.

Homeland Queen: The Saga Continues

The saga that began with “Wrath of the Ancient Queen” continues in “Homeland Queen.” So expect a narrative that will push the lore deeper while also expanding the universe and exploring the consequences of a world forever changed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: Wrath of the Ancient Queen is the kind of story that combines together elements of fantasy, history, and adventure. It tells the story of an ancient battle involving characters like Morcollias of Agylla and the Mother of the West. The story unfolds with intense battle scenes and magical encounters. It takes you on a journey through a world richly layered with detail.

A: The book is penned by Vito Pesce. He is a creative author who is known for creating immersive worlds and complex characters.

A: The book contains intense battle scenes and complex themes that may be better suited for mature readers. It is recommended for those who enjoy deep storylines and are comfortable with descriptions of fantasy warfare and strategy.

A: The storyline in the book is structured in a multi-part format. Each chapter focuses on different key characters and locations. This structure helps in depicting a vast and intricate world, where the actions of every character contribute to the unfolding of the grand narrative.

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I invite you to come along and join me on these journeys into the unknown. My stories are not just tales but invitations to ponder, question, and believe that within the fragments of our past might lie the seeds of realities that yet have to be realized. So, take my word. Embrace the enigma, delve into the depths, and discover the worlds that await within the pages of my books.

Your journey into the unknown starts here. Are you ready to take the first step?